Neville picks only one club to battle the title with Manchester City.



Gary Neville
Gary Neville

The Manchester United legend, picks Arsenal after as the only team to challenge Man City for title after Liverpool failed to have a win on Anfield.

Gary Neville sees Arsenal as the only team that will race to take the Premier League title with Manchester City this season.

Following Liverpool’s draw 0-0 at Anfield on Sunday and the gunners return to the top of the League after Man City failed to win Crystal Palace at home but they draw 2-2.

The legend, credit Arsenal as the club with top squad that are doing their best to race forthe title.

Neville defended the Man City poor performance due to their incredibly consistency in the recent years, and their trophy they won.

“I do think Arsenal are the only challengers for City.

“I never bought into the Liverpool thing before [Sunday]. It could happen just because of purely Klopp, if they strengthen that midfield in January, but I feel Arsenal are a better team,” Neville said.

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