Lee Sharpe, an ex-Manchester United player, eyes a new Premier League club for Harry Maguire




Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire

Ex-Manchester United star,  Lee Sharpe has suggested to Harry Maguire an English club to move to the January transfer window.

The former United star also stated that the United defender would be of great achievement under David Moyes, the West Ham United manager.

Sharpe has much feeling of Maguire joining West Ham United. Sharpe said it would be a great move for Maguire, the United defender, to join the club in the January window.

“I don’t know Harry Maguire, I don’t know what the manager discussed with him, and I don’t know if he’s considering the implications of what’s happening. However, upon first glance, I think a West Ham move would be fantastic,” Sharpe stated.

Although West Ham did not perform well in the previous season, it is likely that they were experiencing their first taste of European competition.

They have returned and appeared respectable this year. Their squad will always be respectable. Maguire would gain from playing for West Ham under David Moyes’ coaching since he is an incredibly talented manager.

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