You carry 46 cows to celebrate the dead but owe your workers and demand sex before giving jobs – Dr Cherry, exposes Cubana Chief Priest

 Cubana Chief Priest

Reality TV star, Dr Cherry has called out night club owner, Cubana Chief Priest on social media over the 46-cow gift he presented to his former boss and bereaved friend, Obi Cubana for his mother’s burial.

As reported earlier, Cubana Chief Priest born Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu shared videos of the gift presentation to Obi Cubana ahead of the burial and he stated that the 46 represents Obi Cubana’s age.

Reacting to this, Dr Cherry slammed Cubana Chief for buying 46 cows and lavishing bundles of cash to celebrate a dead old woman. But demanded sex from a lady before giving her a job and also accused him of owing his workers. And deducting from their salaries at any given excuse.

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She described the likes of Cubana Chief Priest as Instagram Buffalos with fak£ness. And also pointed to the fact that a dirty tout will always be a dirty tout regardless of the camouflaging face they show off.

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Here are some reactions below;

@blessed_beautiful_queen wrote;

They’ve started, why didn’t they say all these since. How people get offended by how others spend their money is beyond me. All most of them internet warriors know is how to tell other people how to spend their own money but no advice on how to manage poverty when they where poor 🙄

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@official_tinnymoore wrote;

I totally understand her but my dear business should be business if you handle it business softly people will mess it up or misuse that opportunity 👏


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