“You belong to me” – Maria tells WhiteMoney (See reactions)


WhiteMoney has been the chef and the entertainer of the house so far. After the head of house games, WhiteMoney decided to prepare dinner for the housemates. His food got many positive remarks from the housemates.

Maria was also not left out as she praised him for the delicious food. Then she told him, henceforth, you belong to me. WhiteMoney reacted to Maria’s statement with a big smile.

Some fans reacted to this moment. Therefore, the first set of people were of the opinion they look good together. WhiteMoney is her closet Pal in the house.

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So, some fans were of the opinion with the way he smiled after Maria made the statement, Baba might lose focus. Some others were of the opinion the ship is gradually building up.

See more reactions below.Maria

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