Toke Makinwa dares the world to show her a man who doesn’t cheat

Toke Makinwa

Media personality Toke Makinwa has dared the world to show her a man who doesn’t cheat as she reacts to a post that claims not all men cheat as some are faithful.

A post shared by Justin Laboy claims that not all men cheat as some men only go out for that bag and go home straight to their ladies without thinking about cheating on them with another woman and Toke Makinwa doesn’t believe that.

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Toke Makinwa reacting to the post which she shared on her InstaStory challenged the post by asking where the men who don’t cheat are since it appears all the men she has come across in life end up cheating on their women.

Toke Makinwa might be disagreeing with this post based on personal experience and also what she has heard or seen as the saying all men cheat seems to have become an anthem for some men that they take advantage of that and cheat on their women claiming its in their genes.

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It’s true all men cheat but there would definitely be some men out there who don’t cheat just like the post said but then Toke wants prove hence has dared the world to show her one particular man who doesn’t cheat on his partner.

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