The older we get the worstest we get – Simi says as she recounts how lovely childhood is


Songstress Simi has recounted how lovely it is to be a child and how good and pure you are as a child but then gets worse as you grow old and mingle with things in the world.Simi

According to Simi, one of her favorite things about babies or little kids is how they are not trying to prove anything to anybody and if they like you, you would know that they like you and if they don’t you would also know since they don’t show any fake love.

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Simi added that there’s no way you can bribe kids with money or gifts and if you buy them designer things they would rather play with the carton they have neither do they try to out anybody as they just live their lives the way they want it.

But all these changes when growing up their purest hearts changes and it’s so crazy that we all started out this way but the moment we grow up then things start getting worse as envy and wickedness set in making the once precious heart to God a wicked one that now envies others.

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We all as kids we naive and lovely that we don’t get bothered about whether we have some things or not but then moment we get old then we get worse as that’s when we try to prove ourselves to others and jealousy and envy sets in, that’s why Simi and some others love children because they are innocent.

Screenshot below;Simi


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