Super League: Jurgen Klopp insisted he will not walk away from his job

Super League

Despite his opposition to the club’s decision to enter a new European Super League. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that he will not resign.

The Reds are one of the 12 clubs set to launch their own breakaway competition.

Klopp and his players were booed by fans ahead of Monday’s Premier League game at Leeds on Monday night.

Speaking after the 1-1 draw at Elland Road, Klopp insisted he would remain in charge of Liverpool as long as he was wanted.

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In other words, I’m here as a football manager. I will do that as long as people let me do that. I heard today that I will resign or whatever.

However, I feel responsible for the team, responsible for the club and for the relationship we have with our fans.

“It’s a very tough time, but I will try to help to sort it somehow,” Klopp said.

To be honest, it was a hard fight. No problem. I would have taken the 1-0 easily but how always, you need to be then a little bit lucky. We lost games where we were better and we won games where we were worse, that’s how life is. It was a tough day and now it’s over.

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Apart from Liverpool, the other ‘Big Six’ clubs in England – Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United – have all signed up for the Super League.


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