Sometimes your mouth is the village people doing you – Tonto Dikeh says

Tonto Dikeh

Actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed that sometimes our long mouths turn out to be the village people doing us. Because we turn to talk about every single thing in our lives including secrets.

Tonto Dikeh in her post made us realized that sometimes our long mouth is what works against us. And not our village people as we have been thinking because we turn out to reveal things that are supposed to be kept secret and talk about things not supposed to say

According to her, sometimes we think people are stopping us from getting to the top and forget it’s our mouth. Because we probably said things that we weren’t supposed to say. However, got ourselves involved in things that might work against us someday.

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Mostly we turn to blame our village people when things don’t go in our favor or the way we expected it. Forgetting that we might have played a role in that because of something we said with our mouths. But then blame some innocent people sitting somewhere thinking of themselves.

Tonto Dikeh’s post serves as advice to those of us who say almost everything anywhere we find ourselves to try and keep silent for a while because no one knows maybe what you might say at a point in time might work against you in the future.

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Therefore, it up to the individual to be able to survey the situation around them. And where they find themselves and know whether to keep quiet on some things in mind or not. If not we would always be blaming our village people for something we did as Tonto Dikeh said.

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Tonto Dikeh


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