Rio Ferdinand suggests Tottenham sack Mourinho over his opposed to sign up for European Super League

Tottenham sack Mourinho
Tottenham sack Mourinho

Tottenham sack Mourinho, over an undisclosed reason. And this make Rio Ferdinand  suggested, he may be against their idea to sign up for the European Super League.

Former Man United captain, Rio Ferdinand has suggested that Jose Mourinho might have opposed Tottenham Hotspur’s signing up for the European Super League, leading to his sack.

According to him, the timing of the sack of the Portuguese tactician by Tottenham “doesn’t make sense.”

The former Chelsea and Manchester United manager Mourinho was sacked on Monday alongwith his coaching staff

Sours took the decision six days before they face Manchester City in the EFL Cup final. And few hours after the 12 big clubs in Europe(Tottenham included) announced their breakaway from UEFA

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Despite the fact that Tottenham endured a difficult campaign, Mourinho was expected to at least see out the season. And attempt to guide Spurs to their first trophy since 2008.

Asked whether he was surprised by Mourinho’s sacking, Ferdinand told the FIVE YouTube channel: “Has he disagreed with what’s going on with the European Super League and Spurs joining it? I don’t know.

“There could be so many different reasons why he’s gone. But Mourinho doesn’t do things conventionally, does he? This is a mad move at a mad time and I need to hear more.

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“I was and I wasn’t. The cup final is this weekend, the timing of it! If you said to me, ‘Rio you’ve got to bet everything you’ve got – will he get sacked this summer or not?’

“I would have said yes, especially if they finish outside the top four. But the timing man, it just doesn’t make sense and I think there’s going to be more fall-out from this as to why he’s gone now.

“It’s not normal for a manager to be sacked a week before a cup final. “


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