“My husband have an understanding that anything can happen” – Tega defends herself


Tega, one of the ongoing BBNaija’s housemates has made a strong clarification to the incident that happened between her and Saga during the truth or dare game played sometime in the house.

The group was having a conversation on career, relationship and marriage, when she shared her thoughts on the topic.

She made it clear that men/husband should be involved in the career of their wife. However, she stressed that as considering acting, she would have to kiss different person on set. Because that’s the requirement of the job and she would have to do it.

She said the few minutes of kissing on set should not be a problem but some men are in-secured. And would probably want their wife to stop the career because they couldn’t accept the sight of her kissing another.

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After her speech, Boma asked her a question in regards the situation where she was dared in the game. And she had to allow Saga suck on her chest, Boma said himself being a husband may not be comfortable with that. So, what does she thinking about her husband seeing such on a National TV.

Tega made it clear that her husband and herself already had a conversation concerning it before coming for the show.

She further stressed that they knew anything could happen on the show and he have an understanding of that.

Hence, he won’t be bothered seeing such happen and also, he knew he won’t be coming to the show tone “knacking” anyone.

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While in the house, Tega already explained to other housemates that her husband actually asked her to have fun and be herself on the show. Stressing that she have his full support.

Just recently, it was reported that Tega’s husband has come to defend his wife after series of backlash on social media after the incident happened.

As it is, it seem there would be expecting more fun from Tega in the house as she could be practically doing all the dares in the game. But of course she would be having fun on the show as supported by her husband. Not forgetting that during her dairy session she made a shout to her son, Daniel, on his birthday and said some prayers for him.


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