Maria, Angel and others plan to stop WhiteMoney from cooking as Pere convince them that he’s using cooking as a strategy to win


Pere has succeeded in bringing up the matter of Whitemoney’s solo cooking in the house and how that might be his strategy.

He initially tried to convince Princess to take over the kitchen from WhiteMoney who declined the offer.

Pere told Maria that he doesn’t like it and Whitemoney is trying to give the other housemates the “you can’t survive without me” mentality.

Earlier today, Maria and Liquorose were discussing this topic in the garden and Angel joined them later on as well.

“I wanted to assist him one day but he told me he could do it all by himself” –Angel said

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“I am cooking tomorrow and Liquorose cooking the day after tomorrow” –Maria put in

“You would have to tell him today that you are cooking tomorrow” –Angel added

“He’s not the owner of the kitchen” –Maria countered

“But you will have to initiate the idea” –Angel said

Maria then agreed to tell Whitemoney about this. But not in a way that would seem like she’s asking for permission because according to her.

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Meanwhile, Whitemoney doesn’t own the kitchen. All thanks to Pere, Whitemoney’s supposed cooking strategy has been revealed and the housemates are buying the idea of stopping him from carrying on.

Furthermore, there are still a lot of ladies in the house so if we look at it from Pere’s perspective, this might be Whitemoney’s strategy and it’s only normal for other housemates to try and stop him. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s meal and who would make it.


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