Lampard, Chelsea, Warned Over More Inconsistent’ and ‘Less Reliable.

Lampard, Chelsea, Warned Over More Inconsistent’ and ‘Less Reliable.

Former Manchester United captain, Gary Neville, has warned Lampard that its new team could be ‘more inconsistent’ and ‘less reliable’.

Neville also reminded manager Frank Lampard, that previous attempts to play open attacking football at Stamford Bridge. Have cost coaches their jobs.

The Blues have broken their transfer record, to sign Kai Havertz. In addition to Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech, Ben Chilwell and Thiago Silva. For over £200million.

Despite the financial impact of COVID-19, the spending will not stop there. With a £25m deal for Rennes goalkeeper Edouard Mendy almost done.

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Neville has said the brand of football Roman Abramovich expects his side to play doesn’t always produce results.

“Chelsea’s interesting because Roman Abramovich has wanted for 15 years a flamboyant team.

“But every time he’s gone for the flamboyant managers to try and get the flamboyant team, he’s been pulled back to that more methodical type of approach that’s been successful for the club.

“I think this year he’s probably investing, partly because of COVID-19 and he sees an opportunity to exploit the market, but I think because what Frank Lampard has done invigorated him.

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“He wants excitement, he wants thrill and that’s why he’s invested this summer, to go again at this moment because he sees a team that’s got something he’s always wanted.”

Chelsea finished in fourth place and lost in the FA Cup final to Arsenal in Lampard’s first season in charge.

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