It’s difficult to find a girl who is naturally beautiful now (Reasons) – Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has said that due to the fake accessories some ladies have clung to, it is difficult to find naturally beautiful women.

The well known public figure who has been sharing motivational quote on his page has channeled his concern towards women of today who are obessed with plastic surgeries to enhance their beauty.

Chief Pete Edochie is considered to be one of the well-known Nollywood actors, one of the oldest in the movie industry, and also one of Africa’s best.

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He is part of the actors who put Nigeria on the map with their movies and also helped build the foundations of the movie industry.

Pete Edochie has shared several opinions and pieces of advice with his fans and the public as a whole through his videos. In one of his videos, Pete Edochie said that makeup, artificial hair, fake ass, and boobs are now the new trends taking away the natural beauty of ladies.

Some excerpts of his speech said: “Today, it is difficult to find a girl who is still what she is. They wear false hair, false lashes, false boobs, false bum, I do not know what is still natural about you, let’s be honest. Why must our girls be obsessed with these things, I don’t know.”

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“I would want them to insult me and tell me why they are obsessed with those things. I might be insulted, but I mean, I am used to it. Insult me, it does not mean anything to me. He said.



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