In Akwa Ibom, Village head sacked over suspected robbery

In Akwa Ibom village head sacked over suspected robbery
suspected robbery

Suspected robbery: Chief Emem Akpan, village head of Ikot Obio Inyang, Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, was sacked for suspected fraud and other criminal activity against him.

In a statement made available to journalists, in Uyo. On Wednesda the community, via the Ikot Obio Inyang Development Association (IKODA). Required to hand over the embattled village head to the police to face his pending police and criminal prosecution proceedings.

In a 14-point resolution signed by the president of IKODA and 89 other members of the community. Aand the community accused the village head, of sabotaging the water scheme provided by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

IKODA recalled a Police report of February 17, 2020, which indicted the village head of removing the solar pump controller, solar panel and other components. sold and used the money for his personal benefit without the knowledge and approval of the village council and community.

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Therefore, the statement read in parts, ” This led to a petition to the state police commissioner who ordered an investigation into the matter.

The police investigation indicted Chief Emem Okon Akpan, the village head for vandalism,stealing and conversion of community solar water facilities.

Also, Chief Emem Okon Akpan collected compensation for Ekom Iman-Etina Road due Ikot Obio Inyang people and never gave to the rightful beneficiaries.

For instance, If Chief Emem Okon continues ruling as the village head of Ikot Obio Inyang. The community would meet an irredeemable shame soon and untold hardship in all spheres of the community life. Enough us enough!

After that, all the men, women, youth and social groups in Ikot Obio Inyang passed a vote of no trust in Chief Emem Okon Akpan and were stripped of his position as Ikot Obio Inyang’s village chief.

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Chief Emem Okon Akpan, meanwhile, will be handed over to the police to face his pending cases and prosecutions.

In reaction, the embattled village head described the position of Ikot Obio Inyang Development Association as invalid. Adding that the association was an opposition.

In other words, he emphasized that family heads must have supported such a position. And the letter headed paper of the village council used, to make it valid.

However, they are not members of the village council, but opponents,” he said. That’s why you didn’t see the letter signed by any of the family heads. And that’s why they didn’t use the letter led by the Village Council as well. Their position is not true, they are politicians.


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