“I’m tough, I’m ambitious and I know exactly what I want” – Tacha says as she shares lovely photos


BBNaija star Tacha has made it clear that she’s okay to be called a bitch if her personality. However, what she stands for in life is what some people refer to as being a bitch.Tacha

Tacha shared some exquisite photos of herself not giving room to her haters and critics to breathe saying she would gladly accept to be called a b!tch if her personality and what she stands for in life is what gives others the room to classify her like that.

According to her, she’s tough, ambitious, and know exactly what she wants and no one can tell her otherwise therefore if that makes her a b!tch then it’s okay with her because she would gladly accept that and move on with her life by winning more as they call her a b!tch.

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Tacha is indeed ambitious and a very tough girl who doesn’t let anything break her down as she has been one of the most mocked and criticized BBNaija stars but never has she let any of that break her down instead she replies those she can and move on while she ignores those she wants to ignore and go for whatever brings money into her pocket.

But as the tough girl that she is, she sometimes wears tough skin and ignores all the insults that come her way and rather focuses on her ambitions and what exactly she wants and we guess she gets almost everything she has set her eyes and mind on to do.

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Post below;Tacha

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