I’m done with this cigarette and alcohol – Peruzzi vows after the death of Obama DMW


Singer Peruzzi has vowed never to take cigarettes and alcohol anymore after the death of Obama DMW as he reveals the cause of his death.

A chat between Peruzzi and someone shows that Obama DMW possibly died due to the alcohol and cigarettes he has been taking. Even though he eats after taking them, it has damaged some of his vital organs.

Peruzzi then vowed never to take these hard drugs anymore. After looking at how his friend who looks strong and healthy died just a moment after complaining of not feeling well and even walking to the hospital himself.

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According to Peruzzi, he’s done with alcohol and cigarette. Because the shock that the death of Obama has made him realize that he could also be dead at any moment. If he continues with the alcohol and cigarette he’s been taking.

Most of these artists are into hard drugs as they claim to find solace and peace in taking them but today, the death of Obama DMW has made his friend Peruzzi realized that these drugs do them more harm than the good they thought.

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Just as Peruzzi has realized that taking alcohol and cigarette among some other hard drugs aren’t good for his body, we hope the rest of those who are all into it could learn from him just as he has learned from the death of Obama DMW.



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