If the value of a woman is cooking and cleaning to you, you have a problem – Yemi Blaq tells men

Yemi Blaq

Actor Yemi Blaq has informed men whose’s priority is to marry a woman who can cook and clean saying they should check themselves because they have a problem.

Yemi Blaq shared a video addressing men who usually say that they can’t marry a woman who doesn’t know how to cook or clean saying they have a problem if that’s all they want in a woman asking them to check themselves.

According to him, if a woman’s value is only cleaning and cooking to you as a man, then you have a problem because there are so many things one can get from a woman aside from cooking and cleaning the house.

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Adding that when your woman can’t cook and clean but earn more for you to be able to afford a househelp, why not do that rather than letting a woman who might be hardworking and spiritually strong, and also a good companion go just because she can’t cook.

Yemi Blaq then advised men to check themselves if the value of a woman to them is the ability to cook and clean because there are a lot of things a man could get from a woman aside from cooking and cleaning.

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Most typical African men are on this table as they usually marry a woman based on her ability to cook and clean because they think the woman’s place is always the kitchen but things are changing now though some have refused to change.

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