If God loves the person you hate, you are in big trouble – Rudeboy cautions


Paul Okoye Rudeboy has cautioned that one is in big trouble if he/she hates people that God loves because His love for them will never end.

Rudeboy agreeing with a post of Tunde Ednut shared it on his InstaStory to caution those who hate others for no reason. Saying they are in big trouble if the person they hate is being loved by God and that will make their hate never end.

According to the post, Rudeboy shared, if God loves the person you hate, you are in big trouble because your hate won’t end and you will never see the downfall of that person God loves since you want to compete with God.

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Hating someone God loves is just like hating God and competing with Him therefore just as the post Rudeboy rightly said, you will keep hating that person because the love of God never ends and it will never fail too.

Harboring hate in your heart for someone actually damages you the person as any time you see the person or hear something about them then you start feeling rage and anger towards them which isn’t good for one’s health.

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And it’s even worse if the person is loved by God hence let’s take Rudeboy’s advice into consideration and free ourselves from any hate we have to others to have some peace of mind ourselves too.

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