‘If anybody had told me I would get to this age and not be married or be a single mother, I would have rebuked them – Tboss, as she wishes herself a happy Father’s day


Reality TV star and mum of one, TBoss, has also wished herself a Happy Father’s day.

TBoss said she had always envisioned herself to be a mother and wife and that if anyone had told her that she would be unmarried at her age -37- she would have rebuked that person.

She shared her struggles with being a single mum and gave herself a pat on the back.

Read what TBoss wrote below

”If Anybody had told me that I would get to this age and not be married, I would have rebuked them.

I was the girl that always imagined being a wife & mother. I have literally NEVER envisioned my wedding day except that it would be nice to have it done on a beach without shoes on.

Meanwhile, I would like to have my natural hair- no weaves nothing. Just us both, close family & loved ones. Y’all can’t even imagine how much I have given to my relationships.

I gave till I had nothing left for myself. I have been heartbroken too many times and yet I never gave up on love. Still haven’t-ish.

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But Alas, life had other plans for me.

I’m a single mother. I laugh when I see some of the comments about how I make motherhood look so sweet & I get lots of dms about ladies wanting to have kids because of my portrayal of Motherhood. Thanks. I’m flattered .

However it is HARD- Last night I was up begging & screaming at my daughter to go to sleep at 4:30am. The night before it was 5:30, the one before that was 5:am- She just wasn’t having it. I don’t get a chance to do my own stuff, I can’t get a moment to shave my armpits or have a proper convo with my friends because lil mama is gonna cook her teddy bear in the middle of the living room, taking a sh*t in private is Luxury.

My body’s changed tremendously, I’m loosing hair, my eyes are puffy and Black and sunken. I can’t afford to have off-days because my mood would affect hers. Days when she’s under the weather- I loose sleep so badly that I break down as soon as she gets better. Pampers, wipes, baby food, clothes, cosmetics ain’t cheap. Constantly wondering if I’m doing the right thing? however, thinking about her future.

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Constantly looking out for opportunities to invest for her, loosing money- Last week I lost so much money I’m yet to break down from that one and yet Every single day I get up- Grumpily sometimes but I show up for my Daughter. I do it for her regardless of my emotions. You know why? Because she didn’t ask to be here. I made the decision to have her and I’m gonna see this journey blossom till I draw my last breath.

So,Happy Father’s Day to Me and all you Beautiful mothers & Amazing Fathers out there”


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