I was taking my shower, Angel walked in to take her shower also – Cross


Cross made this statement during a discussion with Sammie about his relationship with Angel.

Cross told Sammie the kind of person he thinks Angel is. He also advised him to decide on what he wants with her if he would like to continue whatever they shared outside of the house.

Cross went on to say Angel is the kind of girl that does not send anyone. She does her thing her way regardless of what people think.

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Cross gave an example of when he was having his shelter this morning, Angel came inside the bathroom with him and took her shower too.

Cross went further to say out of all the housemates in the house he respect Angel the most because she has been herself since the first day in this house.

This got many people talking on social media. The first set of people were of the opinion Cross was happy he saw her full body.

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Some others were of the opinion Angel came to the house to be herself not pretending to be another person.

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