“I pity Saga, he doesn’t know his right from his left” – Boma speaks on Saga’s love for Nini


Boma made this known during a conversation with fellow Housemate, Tega, during the Jacuzzi party earlier tonight.

While other Housemates were dancing, Boma and Tega took that opportunity to have a conversation about the recent situation of things in the House.

However, it remains unclear why both Housemates failed to talk about themselves but took their time to analyse the attitude of other Housemates.

During the conversation, Boma made it clear that Saga has completely forgotten his main objective in the House.

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While speaking with Tega, Boma kept staring at Saga who was passionately dancing with his love interests, Nini, at the Jacuzzi party.

He said: “I just dey pity Saga. He doesn’t know his right from his left”.

Boma’s statement seems unclear as it could mean two different things.

Is Boma is trying to pity her due to the fact that he has lost focus? Is it because Saga just couldn’t stop dancing with Nini throughout the Jacuzzi party?

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Drop your comments and let’s see what you think about this.


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