“I have no regret sleeping with married men. I’ll use the money to build church and orphanages” Ghana actress Keila Treyy says (video)

actress Keila Treyy

A Ghanaian actress has admitted sleeping with married men but says the money she gets from the side hustle will be used for the public good.

Actress Keila Treyy, aka Bosschick, made this known during an interview with media personality Arnold Mensah Elavanyo.

Keila admitted that she makes money from sleeping with married men. But says she feels no guilt about hurting another woman since the husbands are the ones who come after her. Not the other way round.

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The Ghanaian actress added that she also knows that when she’s married. Women would do the same with her husband because men are never satisfied with one woman.

She further stated that the money she gets from sleeping with married men is being saved towards building a church and orphanages.

Watch her speak in the video below.


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