I caught my mom cheating on my dad, should I tell my dad? – 19-years-old lady asks, Blessing CEO reacts


Blessing has reacted to the question a 19-year-old girl asked her on her Instagram page. The young lady disclosed, that she caught her mother cheating on her father, but she doesn’t know if she should tell her father or keep quiet.

In the Anonymous words, a lady asked her what should she do, she caught her mother cheating on her father should she tell her father, she saw chats and some naked photos she sent to the man she was cheating with, so she sent them to her phone.

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Blessing Ceo asked her if she has told her mother about it, but the lady said she hasn’t disclosed it to her mother, because she is angry.

Blessing told her, that she is more than 18, so she should ask her mother, and no matter how angry she is, she should keep whatever she saw to herself because this is what a daughter should do for a mother to protect her.

The Anonymous lady asked, are you supporting adultery? Blessing Ceo also asked can you stand your parents being divorced and her mother disgraced? She said No.

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Blessing Ceo then told her to welcome to maturity where you learn to keep quiet, not everything eye sees, that the mouth will talk. She also warned her to always respect her mother’s privacy and don’t check her phone.

The young lady thanked her and told her she will get feedback from her when she is done confronting her mother.

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