Hazard lacks what it takes to be world best so he can’t be – Felipe Luis


Hazard lacks what it takes to be world best so he can't be

Former full back Chelsea, Felipe Luis, gave one big explanation for his former teammate, Eden Hazard, despite having the natural talent of the Argentine, can not hit the standard of Lionel Messi or become world best.

He said the Belgian lacked the “ambition” to be the best in the world, adding that five minutes before a major game, the Real Madrid star will “play Mario Kart.”

In order to be among the best in the game, Luis believes he needs greater zeal, noting that the Belgian captain is too laid-back.

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Hazard, 30, has endured an injury-ravaged spell at Real Madrid.

“Eden, along with Neymar, are the best players I have ever played alongside – up there with Messi”, Luis told the Daily Mail.

However, he didn’t train well, five minutes before the game, he would be playing Mario Kart in the dressing room.

In other words, he would warm up without tying his bootlaces up.

“Hazard has so much talent. Perhaps he lacks a little bit of ambition to say: I am going to be the best player in the world. Because he could be.”

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Eden Hazard stats 2019/2020, 16 appearance 1 goal.

Meanwhile, this  2020/2021 season so far 8 appearance 2 goals.

The blues star as given the Real Madrid a total of 3 goals in 24 appearance so far.

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