“Four boys are in love with Saskay in this house” – Arin says to Peace


Arin made this statement during her discussion with Peace last night.

Last night, after the fashion show Arin and Peace decided to stay back to discuss the happenings in the house.

Arin told Peace she saw Saskay complaining to Saga about his attitude to her. Its obvious Saga likes her, because of the way he was acting around her. Arin went on to say three other boys in the house also, like Saskay.

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Arin went further to list the names of the three other boys in love with Saskay in the house. She said Jaypaul, Cross, and Yousef.

The first set of fans that reacted to this were of the opinion, Arin came to the house to gossip. The only content she has brought to the table is gossip.

The second set of fans that reacted to this were of the opinion Saskay is the most beautiful girl in that house.

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