“Film making is a spiritual thing, don’t MESS with people” – Uche Jombo

Uche Jombo

Outspoken Nigerian actress Uche Jombo has warned people messing with the Nigerian movie industry to beware as filmmaking is a spiritual thing.

According to the renowned actress, some group of people has made it their agenda to mess with the movie industry and such people should understand the fact that, film making is a spiritual thing and in no time they all will face the wrath of God.

She stated that it’s her prayer that God surely disgrace this group of people soon to reaffirm her statement that indeed, filmmaking is a spiritual thing.

Uche Jombo took to her official verified Twitter page to make the pronouncement, she wrote; “God is going to disgrace some group of people soon. Film making is a spiritual thing… don’t MESS with people“Uche Jombo

Take a look at the mixed reactions from fans under the comment section of the tweet;

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[email protected]·36mReplying to @uchejomboAll of us including u for done die from the spirituality of yoruba movie then

[email protected]_innocent·30mReplying to @uchejomboU dey do Jazz tinz nah wa ooooh!

Maryam [email protected]_Skye·1hReplying to @uchejomboButtress please

[email protected]@0gwa_30·1hReplying to @uchejomboIseeeee, especially awon set oloribukus in Yoruba movie industry

[email protected]·7mReplying to @uchejomboDon’t mind them,,our God is bigger than their devil

Crypto [email protected]_Nice1·1hReplying to @uchejomboAnd who are those God is about to disgrace?

Directed [email protected]·1hReplying to @uchejomboAmen. National disgrace.


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