Even though I enjoy s3x, I have never been in love – Actress, Amara Maduka reveals

Amara Maduka

Amara Maduka, the Nigerian actress and content creator reveals she has never been inlove Even though enjoys s3x.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said.

“Men get intimidated by me, talk more of women. They do and honestly, they shouldn’t. I am just here to do good, show love and live my best life. I would rather focus on supporting and lifting women, even the ones I don’t know.”

The actress also stated that sex appeal was not needed for one to succeed in Nollywood. The Anambra State-born role interpreter said, “I think sex appeal is not a factor for success in Nollywood because there are different characters for different personalities. So, while sex appeal can be useful for some characters, it really isn’t a factor for success in my opinion.”

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Amara Maduka also urged young ladies to be careful when dating older men. She said, “Young ladies should be extremely careful. I won’t condemn anyone for dating whoever they choose. Just make sure your intentions are right and be careful with securing that bag (getting money).”

The actress who often posts sensual pictures on Instagram revealed that she had never been in love. She said, “I have said this before, I have never dated anyone. And if some men claim they dated me, then I was not aware. I have never been in love. I don’t believe in what these men say. Do I have sex? Yes. But, have I dated? No. So, they can’t be ‘cheating’ on me when I’m not even dating them in my head.”

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