European Super League – Introducing New to save football

European Super League
European Super League

How, why, what is the aim of European Super League. However, Perez Explained this.

UEFA operated in a different format that, first and foremost, I didn’t understand. And second, does not generate the requisite revenue to save football, Perez said on El Chiringuito on Monday night.

The Real Madrid president is the competition’s first chairman, and his appointment has been met with widespread criticism. Since it was announced after midnight on Sunday.

When I say “save football,” I mean “save everybody,” so that we can at least live in peace for the next 20 years. The situation is extremely tense. We believe this format has the potential to save football, just as the European Cup did in the 1950s.”

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What is the aim of the Super League?

Florentino tackled clubs’ declining revenues, which have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, in an effort to justify the Super League.

When you don’t have any other sources of income besides television, the only way to boost sales is to have more appealing games that people from all over the world can see. But we decided that instead of doing the Champions League, we’d do a Super League, and that way we’d be able to make up for what we’d lost.

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The biggest clubs in England, Italy, and Spain had to find a way out of their precarious situation “According to Perez. “The European Club Association claims to have suffered a five-billion-euro loss. We had an 800 million euro budget at Real Madrid and just ended up with 700 million. Let’s see if we can get 600 million instead of 900 million this year. Real Madrid has lost 400 million euros in the last two seasons.




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