Deji Adeyanju drag Ex-Chief of Army Staff, Buratai to International Criminal Court (ICC)

Deji Adeyanju
Deji Adeyanju
Deji Adeyanju, asking for the arrest and indictment of Lt. Gen. Tukur Bruatai, the immediate past Chief of Army Staff.

The Concerned Citizens Forum frowned at a petition submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) by the Concerned Nigerians Group-led.

As the problems discussed by the Adeyanju-led group remained a figment of his imagination. CCF identified them as very worrisome and lacking in any sort of objectivity.

In a statement by its president, Comrade John Alli. The group advised Adeyanju and “his co-travellers to stop further insulting Nigerians. Sensibilities for the assignment at hand requires all the urgency it deserves.

Meanwhile, Adeyanju and his party were asked by the CCF to provide concrete proof that human rights had been violated. And the Nigerian Army committed war crimes under the stewardship of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff.

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His statement reads, Our attention has been drawn to a letter written by a shadowy. And sponsored group under the nomenclature of Concerned Nigerians Group.

After that, this led by one Deji Adeyanju, to the International Criminal Court. Demanding for the arrest and prosecution of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai. For human rights violations and crimes against humanity while he was in office.

As the issues addressed by the Deji Adeyanju led, community remain a figment of the imagination. The Concerned Citizens Forum considers such a positioning rather worrisome and lacking in any sort of objectivity.

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It is circumspect to state, that in their puerile effort to demonize the laudable accomplishments, of the immediate past Chief of Army Staff. When he was in office in obvious return for a plate of porridge, Deji Adeyanju and his co-travellers would not yield.

However, Concerned Citizens Forum does not maintain a brief for the immediate past Chief of Army Staff. But as an organization that has been at the forefront of the entrenchment of the ideals of democracy in Nigeria for many years.

In other words, we regard such acts by the Concerned Nigerian Groups led by Deji Adeyanju as an insult to the sensibilities of Nigerians.

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