Aures Instant Water Heater Range by Ariston

Aures Instant Water Heater Range
Aures Instant Water Heater Range

Mr. Gaurav Bisaria, Director, Central Africa, Ariston Thermo Group. Said the latest Aures range of electric Instant water heaters was born out of the group’s vision. In other to provide sustainable comfort to all, anywhere, even when it seemed unlikely.

The Ariston Aures range of instant water heaters, has been launched into the Nigerian market by Ariston Thermo Heating Technology Nigeria Limited. A member of the Ariston Thermo Group, a global leader in thermal comfort solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

The Aures range of Electric Instant Water Heaters was created with these issues in mind, allowing everyone to enjoy the comfort of hot water.

Aures Instant Water Heater
Aures Instant Water Heater


Aures is the quickest and most convenient way to have uninterrupted hot water whenever you need it for warmth. And a pleasant bathing experience.

Advantage of Aures electric instant water heaters is that hot water is delivered instantly. And maintains a steady temperature in the bath,” he explained.

However, he noted that the Aures range of Instant Water Heaters, which can fit into existing piping in the house. This are available in two types – single point and multipoint.

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According to him, while the single point is suitable for use with the shower handle provided with the product. The multipoint type can deliver hot water to different bathrooms and taps within the house. Also making both types ideal for families of various sizes.

He also noted that, single point type can be extended to be a perfect fit for the family provided they are more than a unit while in the case of multipoint, 1 unit can be used to supply hot water for as many bathrooms or washing basins in homes, hotels or even offices as possible.

The new Aures is a compact and elegant brand specially designed and manufactured with cutting edge technology. For optimum performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, quality and safety which Ariston is reputed for.

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The Ariston Aures range of water heaters introduced into the Nigerian market includes Aures Slim, Aures Slim Multi, Aures Slim Flow and Aures Slim Display and they are useful and most needed in salons, medical clinics, hotels and households as well as for industries requiring hot water in large quantities.

Meanwhile, Aures range of Electric Instant Water Heaters are available in distributors and partner stores nationwide.

About Ariston Thermo Group

Ariston is the leading and most international brand in the Ariston Thermo Group. Born in Fabriano, Italy, in 1930, Ariston is now the global expert of the heating and water heating sectors.

Ariston brings comfort to the homes of millions of families in the world every day. Providing excellent quality products, characterized by advanced performance, everlasting quality and iconic Italian style.

Therefore, thanks to these features, Ariston takes up the challenge to bring comfort to everyone, even where it seems hard or impossible to find it.


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