“A pure heart recieves more testimonies, let’s try and be happy for each other, envy destroys” – Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko

Actress Destiny Etiko has advised that we should be happy for each other because envy destroys and we wondering if her post is directed at her former friend Anita Joseph

Destiny Etiko and Anita Joseph have fallen out as friends with reasons yet to be known but none of them has been commenting or reacting to each other’s posts as they used to do and it all came clear from the day Destiny Etiko got her new car.

Destiny Etiko in a recent post seems to be talking to her colleagues in the industry and all her fans and we wonder if she had Anita Joseph in her mind since her post in a way talks about their fall out as friends saying that we should try and be happy for each other.

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According to her post, a pure heart receives more testimonies hence let’s try and be happy for each other because envy destroys and it’s true when you envy someone’s success, you are the one destroying your life while that fellow keeps growing with success.

We aren’t saying Anita Joseph envies Destiny Etiko in any way but what we are trying to say is that they should try and be happy for each other just as they used to be after settling whatever caused the rift between them since being at loggerheads doesn’t suit any of them.

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Most of these female celebrities end things with their colleagues based on some trivial issues and from the look of things, it’s exactly what is happening between Anita Joseph and Destiny Etiko who were once friends and happy for each other.

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